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40 Oakleigh Park South, London, N20 9JN 020 8445 5535


In 2013 the board of St. Peter’s Bourne decided to try something new.  By employing Jacques Mutevelian as Warden a fresh network of younger people were invited to dream about what could be born here.

In the early days income was essential to the survival of the project. New tenants understood they were entering Christian community, but everyone was a bit less sure what that entailed! Eating together weekly was rapidly adopted and is still a vital point in our week.

Over time we developed organically with input from community members also shaping our life together. Different patterns of corporate prayer have been part of the journey, as has a weekly teaching/discussion slot and a men’s prayer breakfast on Fridays.

One of the highlights of the past five years was a mission trip to South Africa. It opened our eyes to suffering and to possibilities in reaching out to those around us in North London. It’s fair to say we still have that opportunity…!

At the time of writing the Board of Directors, along with Jacques and Kat, have been formulating a vision for where we go next. As part of our plan to see prayer, training and community outreach flourish we are looking for new Community members and a Pioneer Leader to join us for the next step.

Over these five years we’ve shared life with 17 residents looking to live in a more intentional way.  It’s been fun and significant, not always easy but always worthwhile. Here’s what a few of them have to say about it:


“St. Peter’s Bourne is different. It’s a spiritual experiment but can be a good laugh too! It offers the support needed for growth, but crucially, also the challenge. We’ve been in a gentle season of formation but now the schemes hit the fan! I’m looking forward to what comes next.”

Andy, Community member, 2013-2018


“St. Peter’s Bourne is a place where you choose for God to challenge all aspects of your personality and character.  When in a Community such as this and all that we do together, you can’t but be refined and shaped to be more like Jesus.”

James, Community member, 2013-2018


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