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40 Oakleigh Park South, London, N20 9JN 020 8445 5535

The vision for SPB is to develop into a strong intentional community that will, by partnering with others, become:


  • A centre of prayer for North London.

SPB will be a place of prayer and worship that has a developed rhythm of life which the community facilitate and engage with. In addition to this, it would be a place of prayer and worship for the diocese and North London. As a result of its reputation it would be a place of pilgrimage for personal prayer and for groups and individuals who wish to pray for London, maybe in combination with hosted prayer events.


  • A catalyst for developing meaningful social action amongst marginalized people.

This would be within the local community, the diocese and further afield often through existing but also newly-formed partnerships. This will be as a result of SPB responding to wider initiatives and SPB birthing new projects as an expression of their heartfelt compassion for those in need.


  • A catalyst and training hub for pioneer missioners in North London

SPB is ideally placed to become a hub within the diocesan vision for pioneer church-planting by providing a place for existing pioneers to meet, receive training and share their experiences. The house also provides the opportunity for those considering pioneer mission work to have a short-term placement with existing pioneers within the diocese and thereby gain experience and facilitate the cross-pollination of these experiences.

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